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SEO How annoying is it to see that your Competitors are on page 1 of Google’s search engine? Or entering relevant search terms in search of your own business, only to find out that you are on page 5?

– Relax, you are not alone! Here are 5 good tips for you who want to impress your boss.

SEO is an abbreviation for “Search Engine Optimization” – what we refer to in Pakistan as search engine optimization. In short, it is the definition of a number of methods for achieving a high organic (non-paid) position in, for example, the Google Search Engine. You may have heard stories about websites that insert thousands of words and phrases hidden in the page to achieve wide visibility? Well, that time is over for SEO Ranking Tips. Such methods are outdated and achieve nothing but being blacklisted.

an image of a top digital marketing companies

We want to share 5 good tips that will make your company a winner.

1) Profitability 

Prepare a keyword analysis and get clarity on which keywords are relevant for your company. Get an overview of how many people are searching for the various keywords and put together a prioritized keyword list. Let’s take the real estate industry as a starting point: Search terms such as valuation or selling a home are relevant and profitable for entering into a dialogue with potential customers and should therefore be a priority. Put together a list of keywords and agree on which words can potentially give the highest profit at a top position in the search engine.

2) Competence SEO Ranking Tips

As mentioned, there are a number of methods for climbing up the search engines, but there is also a risk that the results will not appear. Ask the employees if anyone has experience in SEO and not least if they have sufficient time. Search optimization is time-consuming and requires expertise. Regardless of what skills the employees have, it will be smart to get in touch with experts in the area. There is little, if anything, more tedious and costly than waiting a long time for SEO results that don’t show up.

3) Adaptation

Unfortunately, there are many people who embark on large and ambitious projects without the right tools in their luggage. There are many examples of websites that have paid large sums to strengthen their organic position in the search engine, without significant results. Here, the media agencies also have a responsibility to notify about weaknesses in the website before they enter into agreements with the customer about SEO. Therefore, take the time to review how serious the content on the page appears and how much trust Google SEO Ranking Tips already has in the website. Don’t spend time and money on something that is not achievable, therefore make sure that the foundation is in place for success and that it is adapted for tablet and mobile.

4) Follow-up

SEO is not a switch that gives immediate returns, it is a time-consuming and long-term project. Regardless of who is responsible for delivering results, it is important to follow up the process and review interim results. In contrast to, for example, advertising on Facebook, it is impossible to guarantee a top position in Google’s search engine. There are many people who want to be on page one, so make sure that the person/s who are responsible for delivering get the necessary access to information. Ask for specific details about what has been done and be engaged in the work being carried out. Numerical reports often appear incomprehensible to the client, so ask for an explanation in text form.

5) “Always on”

After a long and steep road to page 1, it’s time to celebrate, but make sure the party is short-lived. Don’t forget that there are many hungry wolves out there looking for a top spot. However, it is important to clarify that it is easier to defend a good position than it is to take the long journey up. The benefit of being on page 1 has a high market value and therefore do not forget to set aside time and resources to maintain the position. Trends in the market can be decisive for what is emphasized as important for your website. Don’t let your competition get a cheap ride to the top.


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